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  • We pay 70-80% on the spot price of gold. 80% on all sales 10 grams or greater

  • Sell your gold from home and get the best price. WE PAY MORE THAN OUR COMPETITORS!!!

  • See your offer in writing before you are paid.

  • Free FedEx shipping and insured up to $1000 dollars (call or email if you need more insurance)

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • You will receive your offer within 30 minutes of us opening your package

  • No obligation, Free quick return of your goods the next day if the offer is rejected (It won't)

  • Get your money fast!!! You can be paid by check, pay pal or wire transfer ($20 fee on wire transfers less than $2000)

  • You will receive your offer within 30 minutes of us opening your package

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Sell Your Unwanted Gold Using FedX


1) Gather your unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamonds to be sold at TOP DOLLAR!!!

Sell Your Unwanted Gold

2) Send your valuables worry free via our FREE FedEx Saver Package.

Note: Do Not Put in Drop Box, Drop Off at a FedEx Location.

  • Insured Up To $1000 (Please E-Mail ColdCa$h4Gold to Request more Insurance)
  • Track your Package

  • Sell Your Unwanted Gold Using FedX

    3) Same Day Processing

  • Your package arrives
  • We weigh and test your contents under video cameras for you protection.
  • Our scales are tested and certified by the State of Florida.
  • We then test and grade your Gold, Silver, Platinum or Diamonds.
  • Finally we email you an itemized settlement offer within 30 minutes of your package being opened.

  • Sell Your Unwanted Gold Using FedX

    4) Accept or Decline Your Offer

  • Decide whether you will accept or decline our offer via email.
  • If you accept, choose your payment method: Check | PayPal | Bank Wire Transfer ($20 fee applies for transactions less than $2,000)
  • If you decide to decline (we hope you won't), we will return your items insured via FedEx. It's that simple!

  • Sell Your Unwanted Gold Using FedX

    What We Buy

  • Scrap Gold

  • Broken Jewelry

  • Necklaces and Chains

  • Wedding Bands

  • Class Rings

  • Earrings

  • Cufflinks

  • Gold Ingots

  • Key chains

  • Money clips

  • Pendants

  • Dental Gold

  • Platinum

  • Silver

    We buy silver with the marking .999, .925, Sterling and STER.


    Sends us your platinum if it has the marking .950 or PLAT

    For large shipments of silver please contact us via email or phone so we can send you different packaging materials.


    We buy diamonds that are a .25ct or bigger.

    Our GIA consultant will grade your diamond and produce a settlement offer.

    WE DO NOT BUY: clarity enhanced, color enhanced or diamonds with a rating below SI3 (see our blog to learn how diamonds are graded)


    In 2008 after losing my job I fell on hard times. Running through all of my savings I had to move down to Florida to live with my parents. I had no money to rent a car or let alone put gas in it. I had a gold chain though. I decided I would sell it to raise the money I needed without having to ask my parents. I went to a "WE BUY GOLD" store. Now I understood how gold was valued. I wasn't going to get ripped off. Long story short after visiting 4 different stores the best I could do was 60 cents on the dollar.

    That is 60%!!!! Now I was informed and shopped and haggled. My first offer was 15%, 15%!!!! Are you kidding me. What a rip off. Now everyone has the right to make money but these guys wanted to rob me. I decided then and there when I got back on my feet I was going to starting buying gold, to give people a fair place to go to sell their gold. My deal is I will offer 80% on all gold packages 10 grams or greater. The lowest you will receive is 70% . NO GUESSING or HOPING for a good offer. These other sites advertise the price they pay for gold but when you get your offer it is not even close.

    How can I do this while others don't you may be asking yourself? For one I am not greedy. I'm guessing most of these other sites pray on people desperate for money. They assume you will take whatever you can get. Second, my wife and I run a very small operation with minimal overhead. This allows us to offer you the best price. Please shop around before you send me your precious items.

    This link to www.Where2SellGold.com does unbiased undercover research to find you the best price for your gold. We are not on their site yet because we have just opened but I guarantee to beat any of them.

    So if you have old, unwanted, broken jewelry turn into cash fast with us today by filling out our Free Appraisal Order Form Now! Let us earn your trust today!

    Blog Posts

    Januari 17, 2016

    How your GOLD is valued?

    Today I'm going to teach you how gold is valued. First you should know gold is a commodity that is traded on the COMEX. This means the price of gold is constantly changing. Gold can change in price by 1%, 2% even 3% on any given day. So when a dealer is calculating the value of your gold they are using what is called the spot price of gold at that moment.

    Cold Cash 4 GOLD VS.
    Other Cash For GOLD Sites

    All these cash for gold buying sites say that they pay the best prices for your gold. I decided to test them out to actually see who pays you the most money. After testing 3 of these gold buying sites I realized they were more talk than substance. I sent the same 11 gram wedding band to all three sites. The first site did not reply to me with an offer for 3 days from the time they received the package. They did offer me the most money for my gold however at 60% of the spot price of gold. When I requested my gold be sent back they also took the longest to send it back at over 2 weeks.

    The second site I tried responded to me the quickest, the same day they received the package they contacted me. That was about the only good thing about them. They offered me 35% on the spot price of gold. They also didn't send my package back for 12 days.

    The third site responded to me the day after they received my package. At first they offered me 40% on the spot price of gold but after I told them I wanted my ring back they then offered me 50% on the spot price. After I told them I still wanted my ring back they sent it back within 7 days.

    All in all not one of these 3 sites offered me a great price on my gold, and two of them took way to long to return my gold.

    Coldcash4gold.com is a mail-in cash 4 gold company that buys gold, silver and platinum primarily from jewelry. Consumers request a pre-paid envelope online or by phone. Customers place their gold materials in the pack and ship it to Cold Cash 4 Gold. We weigh the gold, silver or platinum and determine the value and then send the customer a check for a value. Customers are given an email with an itemized settlement offer within 30 minutes of your package being opened.

    Why use Cold Cash 4 GOLD?

    Can you trust the guy at the pawn shop to understand the gold recycling market? Can you trust him to want to give you the best deal? We weigh and test your contents under video cameras for you protection. Our scales are tested and certified by the State of Florida. We then test and grade your Gold, Silver, Platinum or Diamonds. Finally, we email you an itemized settlement offer within 30 minutes of your package being opened. Spiderman

    Why get Cash for GOLD?

    You may have many reasons for selling their gold. You may have inherited items that will never be worn, a relationship has ended, or simply just need some extra money to pay off bills. Whatever your reason, we promise to offer you the best Cash 4 Gold Silver Platinum and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
    Today’s high gold prices make it a great time to sell your gold. The more you sell, the more money you’ll receive. WE PAY 70-80% ON THE SPOT PRICE OF GOLD. 80% ON ALL SALES 10 GRAMS OR GREATER.
    Don't go to a Pawn Shop or "We Buy Gold" store and have some untrained clerk offer you pennies on the dollar for your valuables.

    Tips on Cash 4 GOLD

    Getting the MOST Cash for Gold can become cumbersome. Seductive advertising and the lure of easy money have drawn in thousands of eager sellers. The guys on TV are providing a service, but they've got a very, very high expense rate. They're spending literally millions on advertising -- and that's (part of the reason) you might get just 20 or 25 cents on the dollar." (NOT US) Consumer Reports found that mail-in companies offered between 11 percent and 29 percent of the meltdown value of the gold. (NOT US)

    Going to a Jeweler or Coin Shop

    You might get a better price for your Gold, but jewelers are catching on to the fact they don't need to offer the best price for the your gold.

    GOLD Parties

    It's just like a Tupperware party, but instead of going home with Tupperware you sell your gold and take home cash. Why you shouldn’t sell your Gold at Gold Parties, the host will get at least a 10% cut on all Gold, this is in addition to the Gold Party Companies Fee. Not all the party hosts will be gold pros, which means your gold may not be evaluated fairly. Expect to get 50 percent or less than what your gold is actually worth. Keep in mind that gold parties, often hosted by friends and neighbors, are really more about fun than value.

    Cash for GOLD at Pawn shops

    Pawnshops aren't always in the best area of town, and you will get pennies on the dollar. If you want your Gold or Jewelry back, you will have to pay a premium. Pawn Shops are not the best place to get cash 4 gold.

    The TIME is NOW for Cash 4 GOLD

    The price of gold is up 20 percent since the beginning of 2011. In today's swerving economy, stocks are out, and CASH 4 GOLD IS IN.
    Consumers interested in selling their gold will find no shortage of buyers. Gold-buying kiosks are popping up at malls across the country. Many jewelry stores, pawn shops and online dealers pay cash for gold.
    Never have there been so many choices on where and how to sell. In one state, you can pick up a nice steak for dinner and unload your tiara at the same time: Gold and Silver Buyers, the state's biggest buyer of precious metals, has its stores conveniently located inside or alongside supermarkets.
    Cash 4 Gold never has been easier--or riskier. Below are some basic tips on what to do and look out for. We have outlined important details so you can make the best decision on getting cash for gold.


    Additional Tips when Selling your GOLD (by abcnews.go.com)

    Understand the Scales

    The weight of gold helps determine value, but keep in mind that jewelers use a different measurement standard called a Troy ounce. U.S. scales will measure 28 grams per ounce, while gold is measured at 31.1 grams per Troy ounce. Some dealers may also use a system of weights called pennyweight (dwt) to measure a Troy ounce, while others will use grams. A pennyweight is the equivalent of 1.555 grams. Be alert that a dealer does not weigh your gold by pennyweight but pay you by the gram, a sneaky way for the dealer to pay you less for more weight of gold.

    Know Your Karats

    Pure gold is too soft to be practically used so it is combined with other metals to create durability and color. The FTC requires that all jewelry sold in the U.S. describe a karat fineness of the alloy. One karat equals 1/24 of pure gold by weight. So 14 karats would mean the jewelry was 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. It is illegal for jewelry to be labeled "gold jewelry" if it is less than 10 karats. It is important to know the karats of your gold to make an informed decision on the scrap value of your jewelry.

    Keep Your Karats Separate

    Don't let jewelry of different karat value be weighed together. Some dealers will weigh all jewelry together and pay you for the lowest karat value. Separate your jewelry by karat value.

    Know the Value

    Check with an online source, to verify the current market price for gold before you sell. Some dealers know people are just looking for quick cash to put in their pockets and will offer you money for your gold that is lower than the actual value.

    Know What You Are Selling

    Some gold items may be worth more when sold as they are, rather than if they are melted down. If your gold necklace or bracelet comes from a well-known designer or maker, it may have a value to some buyers beyond the gold it's made of.

    Know the Fine Print

    If you choose to use a mail-away service, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Send the items insured. Find out how long before you get reimbursed, how long they will keep your gold before melting it down, and how many days you have to turn down the offer. Take photos of your items before sending and make sure you hold on to all relevant paperwork and filings.

    Beware "Rogue" Buyers.

    Crime cautions sellers about doing business with transient gold dealers whom he calls "rogue" buyers (also known as "hotel" or "pop-up" buyers). They blow into town, run ads promising high prices, and set up shop, say, in a hotel ballroom. After vacuuming up a city's worth of jewelry and coins, they disappear, sometimes leaving their victims un- or underpaid. In one test, a gold chain legitimately appraised at $250 was offered to a variety of hotel buyers. None offered more than $130. Before you sell gold--whether to a hotel buyer or to anybody else—check to see if they are licensed.

    With all of this information above, WE ARE LICENSED AND INSURDED 66-8016928543-2 Gold Buyer.










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